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"Freedom is never more than one
  generation away from extinction.
  We did not pass it to our children
  in the bloodstream.   It must be fought      for, protected, and handed on for them 
  to do the same.” 


America's Family is pleased to introduce these educational and inspiring books from the Family Night in America series.  These books were designed to be used by the family, individuals and other educational opportunities.

We believe America's #1 classroom is within the home.  Our great desire is these books will be beneficial in assisting families and children to learn more about our remarkable American heritage and the principles of freedom

This series' of books contains quotes, speeches, documents, illustrations, music, discussion questions and encouraging stories.
Also available are sets of colorful story cards and posters that can be used for review within the family and classroom.
God Governs in the Affairs of Men
God Governs in the Affairs of Men is from the Legacy of Faith series.  This series' of books contain quotes, speeches, documents, illustrations, music, discussion questions and encouraging stories and events.

Select to read story in this book, "A Magnificent Stand."

"No people can be found to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the affairs of men, more than the people of the United States."
  President George Washington, 1789.

For Such a Time As This
This book contains Patrick Henry's famous speech "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"and other events that led up to declaring our freedom from England.  There are sketches of each Signer, the work and sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and Mothers, the Declaration of Independence with Five points of discussion and three patriotic musical numbers. Select to view table of contents.

"It is my living sentiment, and by the blessings of God it shall be my dying sentiment, Independence now, and Independence forever." John Adams, 1775

We Believe in America & Its Remarkable 
Freedom Trail ~ Posters & Booklet
Our lives are filled with an abundance of freedom.  However, this freedom is often taken for granted which can be dangerous to our future.  Freedom did not just happen.  it took many years, many lives, and dedication, to arrive at the freedom we enjoy today.  We believe it is important for the children to understand the steps of this freedom and what is necessary as citizens to keep our freedom for us and future generations.

There are many events that contributed to this liberty.  However, in this series we have chosen to begin with the Magna Carta in 1215, through the Bill of Rights made into law in 1791, and ask the question, "What is our responsibility today?"

There are ten colorful 11x17 posters with corresponding stories and events printed in the included pamphlet.  We hope you enjoy this adventure with your children.

Thank You, Mr. President
Thank You, Mr. President is a life sketch of President George Washington with family history starting before his birth through his life and death.  An easy to read book which is wonderful for the entire family.  Great home schooling guide for learning the laws that help keep us free.

Select to view table of contents.

"Let them teach their children never to forget that the fruits of his labors and his example are their inheritance."
  United States Senate, 1799

Studying the Fortress of Our Liberty
Studying the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Freedom Formula and sharing the lives of its framers and signers.   Select to view table of contents.

"A Legacy of Faith was given to us by our forebearers.  It is our privilege and responsibility to preserve it,, and hand it down to our posterity."  
Ezra Taft Benson, 1987

Studying the Fortress of Our Liberty ~ Posters
Enclosed are 11 posters featuring the Preamble, Articles 1-7, Bill of Rights and the Additional Amendments to the United States Constitution.  These posters can be used alone or with the corresponding lesson manual book, Studying the Fortress of Our Liberty.

We hope you enjoy working with these materials and together uphold a Legacy of Faith that was given to us by our forebearers and that we may be determined to preserve it and hand it down to our posterity.

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