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      Good music in the
   home helps to create
   a more peaceful and
   loving environment.

Music in the Home

~ Promoting Family Unity through Music ~

Often we have activities and outside interests for each individual in the family that leaves us running in many different directions.

The purpose of America's Own Family Choir is to make available a rewarding activity involving the entire family.

Using good music as a catalyst for shared interest, there is the capability of focusing each person's thoughts toward a common subject and together experiencing special and long-lasting memories.  This is an activity for the entire family that keeps giving and giving.
This program, Family Time Workshops, involves families coming together and learning musical skills and concepts to enable them to more fully implement the use of good music in their homes as a positive communicator and motivator.

Through the use of good music and appropriate text, hearts can be softened; families may gain a greater respect and admiration for this great country, while together developing the bonds of service and creating a more peaceful and caring environment in the home.

America's Family Learning Center

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